Why does my dog lay on me? you need to know

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dog lays on chest

Asking yourself why does my dog lay on me is a question a pet owner has had to ask at some stage. Dogs have been a part of our existence for thousands of years. For both practical and emotional reasons, they have proven to be important allies in the development of civilization. While dogs are viewed as humans’ best friend, many people are unaware just how deeply dogs care about human companionship and how their feelings can be hurt by neglect or misbehavior. When a dog finds himself lying on top of you it may seem like he is using you as a personal mattress. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of reasons why your dog might be doing this. Here we will look at some of the most common ones – and hopefully answer your why does my dog lay on me riddle!

A call for attention

You often wonder, why does my dog lay on me? It may be him asking for attention. Some dogs use this behavior as a sign of showing they perhaps want something to eat, drink, or go out etc. They also love being petted and they will do just about anything to get your attention. When you lay down somewhere, even on the carpet, your dog may think that you want them to lay on you too and so they will just go right on top of you.

For warmth

This is another reason why your dog lays on you. The three most common occurrences are early morning cuddle, during the Fall and Winter seasons, or overnight. An overactive pet is simply one with inadequate exercise and would shake or shiver uncontrollably in such cold conditions.

Sign of affection

Many dogs will lay on their owners as a sign of affection. This is the same way that many people hug each other, so it’s a common way for dogs to show love and sentiments. Don’t ponder too hard and ask yourself repeatedly: why does my dog lay on me? It’s just a way for your dog to get comfortable. 

It also serves as a sign of affection and trust. Think about it: You’re the biggest, most dangerous thing in your dog’s world, and they’re choosing to be vulnerable with you by cuddling up closely. This is important because not all dogs are equally affectionate toward their humans, and when they do show affection, it’s usually more intense than the feelings that come from other dogs.

Security Blanket

Your dog may be scared or anxious sometimes. Or may have been through something traumatic or stressful, and laying on you can become a form of stress relief for him because it makes him feel safe and secure if he’s near someone he trusts. They often feel like they need protection. However, this is not the case with all dogs. 

Some dogs feel the need to protect their owners and they believe that they are the ones to do it. These dogs want to be close to their owners at all times in order to keep them safe. They want to feel protected and secure as well as feel like they are doing a good job at protecting their owner. A dog will often lay on you as he would in his den with other dogs. He feels protected and has found a good spot to help him relax.

dog lays on chest

Trying to comfort you

If you are feeling anxious or stressed out, your dog might try to do something about it by comforting you. Perhaps you wonder, why does my dog lay on me in certain situations? It’s because they want to be in contact with you. He or she knows that this will make you feel better and more relaxed. 

Dogs can be very comforting and loving animals. They will always be there for you when you need them most, and they can make you feel better about the day. Therefore, instead of questioning why your dog lays on you, take in the comfort. Dogs know how to have a positive impact on their owner’s moods.

Staking a Territory

If your dog lays on you as a way to “mark” you as his or her territory, then he’s using what’s called scent-marking behavior. This is an instinctive behavior for dogs and other canines, such as wolves and coyotes.

The natural act of scent-marking allows a dog to announce his presence to other dogs and beings such as children and announce that he lives in the area. This is also his way of making sure that if any other dogs try to move in on his turf, they’ll know he’s already established himself there. If you’re wondering this: why does my dog lay on me, this could be why.

Portraying dominance

It’s important to realize that some dogs are more dominant than others, but if you’re the bossy type and order your dog around then this behavior is probably directed towards you.

Some dogs will also assume a position where they lay on their owners in an attempt to slow them down or stop them from doing something. This is an example of a dog asserting its dominance over its owner. Again, it’s important for humans to recognize that not all dogs are going to be submissive and allow themselves to be walked all over.

Utter boredom

These dogs are just giving you a nudge to play with them. Sometimes they are not trying to be dominant, but are just bored and wanting to get your attention. If you let them know you will play with them, they will most likely get off of you.

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To conclude:

There are many answers to why does my dog lay on me, but we mentioned the most obvious. And while this behavior might be a bit uncomfortable at first, remember that one of the benefits of having a dog is being able to snuggle up with them after work and watch TV together on the couch!


1.How should I handle a dog that won’t stop laying on me?

When you’re done with dinner time or when the kids have gone down for the night, crate your dog out in the backyard or redirect them from lying on you with a number of behavioral cues. The most crucial shift is to avoid saying anything in particular such as leave or get off!

2.When my dog lays on me should I take him to the vet?

Not really, but if the behavior is consistent and you feel a sudden change in his routine, then seek help from a professional. Your buddy may be ill and is signaling you that he is uncomfortable.

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