Peacocks Spread Their Feathers For What Reason? A Few Reasons For This Behaviour

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what does peacock sound like

Even when lying flat, a peacock’s long train of feathers is remarkable, reaching lengths of up to 5 feet. The awe value, on the other hand, skyrockets when they spread their feathers out to a breadth of 6-7 feet! Have you ever wondered why peacocks spread their feathers to begin with? what does peacock sound like? Continue reading to discover out three reasons why a peacock might be spreading his train feathers!

Peacocks Spread Their Feathers for the Best Reasons

To Scare Predators

Peafowls reside in forested environments in nations such as India, Pakistan, Java, and Myanmar in the wild. Wild animals such as tigers and mongooses, as well as domestic animals such as dogs and cats, are natural predators. Peafowl are continuously on the lookout for danger and are quick to raise the alarm if they see it.

Peafowl will normally try to flee up into a nearby tree if they feel threatened because they can’t fly very far.

To keep safe, they also sleep in the trees at night.

If a peacock is besieged and unable to flee, he may spread his feathers in an attempt to scare away his attacker. His train’s size, along with the frightening, eye-like appearance of his spots, may be enough to make a predator look for another meal. What does peacock sound like Females will also puff up and spread their feathers to make themselves appear larger, despite the fact that their feathers are shorter.

To Communicate

Peacocks not only spread their feathers but also rattle them to communicate, employing both auditory and visual displays in their search for mates, according to scientists. What does peacock sound like? they aren’t sure what the sound created signifies to the peahens yet, but they are aware that they are listening.

Train rattling is the term for this type of action.

Peahens don’t have nearly as impressive a feather show as peacocks, but they do spread their feathers to communicate. Female peacocks may spread their feathers in response to the peacock’s show, indicating that they have chosen him.

To Attract Partners

The main reason peacocks spread their feathers is for this purpose. To the train, each peacock has his own distinct color and spot pattern. A peacock spreads his feathers and displays them for the peahens as part of the peafowl courtship ritual, hoping to attract mates for the season.

Each year, peacocks must assemble a small harem of several peahens, and it is the peahens who select them, not the other way around. It’s unclear what criteria the peahens utilize while making their selections, but train size and color brightness appear to play a factor.

Each peahen will deposit 3-8 eggs after mating, which will incubate for roughly a month before hatching. Peacocks, unlike many other birds, do not assist in the rearing of peachicks.


The display of a peacock’s train feathers can’t be mistaken for anything else, making them one of the most recognized of all wild animals. The beauty of the feathers may be appreciated by people, but they are genuinely priceless to the peacock. Peacocks use their feathers for defense, communication, and, most critically, to attract the mates they need to reproduce and keep the species alive.

Unfortunately, the peacocks’ feathers make them a target for poachers looking to illegally collect their plumage. One form of peafowl, the green or Javan peafowl, has become an endangered species due to hunting and habitat destruction.

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