Can Hedgehogs Eat Tomato? Everything You Need to Know!

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Hedgehogs are becoming incredibly common as exotic pets. Why? Have you ever seen a hedgehog before? Overabundance of cuteness! They love a variety of indoor and outdoor sports such as climbing, running, and swimming. They’re also low-maintenance as far as pets go. What do hedgehogs consume, though? tomato the hedgehog? Hedgehogs are omnivores, which means they consume both plants and small animals. Hedgehogs eat lizards, mushrooms, berries, and bird eggs in the wild. Pellets produced with chicken meal, wheat, rice flour, vegetables, and fruit make up the majority of a domesticated hedgehog’s diet. Insects like mealworms and crickets can also be included on the menu!

Hedgehog owners might consider supplementing their pet’s diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. While looking through your refrigerator for something to feed your hedgehog, your gaze falls on a small bag of tomatoes. Would those be suitable for your hedgehog’s diet? Yes, tomatoes are safe for your hedgehog to consume. They should, however, only be given in moderation. Continue reading to learn more about hedgehogs and tomatoes.

Hedgehog Health Advantages from Tomatoes

Hedgehogs may eat tomatoes in little amounts and they are healthful. Tomatoes provide vitamin C, which supports your hedgehog’s immune system. It contain fiber, which aids in the general digestion of your hedgehog. Tomatoes are a delicious addition to your hedgehog’s diet.

Tomatoes’ Negative Effects on Hedgehogs

Despite the fact that tomatoes are nutritious, they can be harmful to your hedgehogs. Tomatoes, for example, contain calcium, but too much calcium can cause kidney stones in your hedgehogs. Sugar is also present in tomatoes. Sugar is helpful in moderation since it provides energy. In many animals, however, too much sugar — even in fruit — can contribute to obesity. Hedgehogs are small mammals that gain weight quickly, which can lead to a variety of health issues. Diarrhea can also be caused by consuming too much sugar. The acidic content of tomatoes is another issue that hedgehog owners should be aware of. The acid in tomatoes can upset your hedgehog’s stomach.

What About the Tomato’s Other Parts?

tomato the hedgehog
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People may ask if the tomato’s other parts, such as the leaves and stems, are OK to serve to your hedgehog. Never give your hedgehog the tomato’s leaves or stems. Hedgehogs and other animals may be poisoned by it. The leaves contain solanine, which can cause serious gastrointestinal problems if ingested in high amounts. Avoid offering your hedgehog the tomato plant’s leaves or stems. Giving your hedgehog tomato seeds is acceptable, but avoid giving them the green sections near the seeds, since these can create health problems for your spikey pet.

Is it Possible for Hedgehogs to Eat Other Tomato-Based Foods?

If you’re thinking about feeding your hedgehog tomato-based foods like pasta sauce or ketchup, think twice! Foods heavy in sugar, such as pasta and ketchup, contribute to obesity. Spices, chemicals, and oils are also present in these dishes. All of these additives are harmful to your hedgehog’s health. Foods in their natural state are frequently the greatest choice for feeding your hedgehog or any pet!

How Do I Care For My Hedgehog Tomatoes?

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages and disadvantages of tomatoes, it’s time to learn how to feed them to your hedgehog. Here are some suggestions for incorporating tomatoes into your hedgehog’s diet:

* Think about becoming organic. If you want to feed your hedgehog tomatoes, organic tomatoes are the best option. Tomatoes purchased from some supermarket chains may have been sprayed with pesticides.

* Wash the tomatoes thoroughly. Make sure the tomatoes are of good quality and that they have been cleaned with fresh water. You want to make sure that any dirt is removed.

* Get rid of any green portions. Remove the tomato’s leaves, stems, and any internal green portions. To make it easier for your hedgehog to eat, cut them into small pieces.

* Use tomatoes sparingly. Once or twice a month, give your hedgehog some tomato. Any further could be dangerous. The tomato serving size should be no more than a medium-sized tomato slice or a single cherry tomato. If this is the first time you’re feeding your hedgehog tomato, cut the portion size in half. Always introduce new meals to your hedgehog in small increments.

Is There Anything Else I Can Feed My Hedgehog?

You can give your hedgehog some extra treats in addition to their regular diet of pellets and insects. Fresh fruit can be given in little portions, but only in moderation. Apple, berries, melon, or bananas, sliced into little pieces, are excellent options! Because fruit includes sugar, however, a few little slices once or twice a month will enough. Green beans, for example, might be a tasty monthly treat!

Hedgehogs can be fed modest amounts of cooked meat, such as chicken, because they are omnivores. On sometimes, scrambled eggs can be added to their menu. If the meal is high in protein and low in fat, even dog or cat food can be fed to your hedgehog.


While little amounts of tomato provided twice a month can be beneficial to your hedgehog’s health, some people choose not to eat tomatoes because of potential side effects. There are various veggies and fruits that your hedgehog would enjoy as nutritious and safe treats. To avoid weight gain or gastrointestinal troubles, you should eat those snacks in moderation, just like tomatoes. 

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