What’s the Difference Between a Male and a Female Rhodesian Ridgeback?

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The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a loyal and forceful canine breed that is eager to please its owners. Originally, this medium to large dog breed was intended to hunt large game. They’ve evolved into a protective and caring dog breed after years of domestication. Rhodesian ridgeback black mouth cur has a lot of fascinating characteristics that make them a desirable family dog breed.

This article will help you decide which gender is best for you by explaining the fundamental distinctions between a male and female Rhodesian Ridgeback in terms of personality and appearance.

101 Rhodesian Ridgebacks

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed that is only found in South Africa. This dog is a mix of Mastiffs, Great Danes, Greyhounds, and Bloodhounds. As a result, they are fairly huge and powerful dogs. The name ‘ridgeback’ comes from a noticeable ridge that develops between their shoulder blades and sticks up when they are threatened or protective. They have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years and are considered a hypoallergenic dog breed.

They have a moderately low shedding rate. This hybrid dog breed has a lot to give its owners because it has a lot of outstanding traits that contribute to the favorable perception of this dog. It is dynamic and self-reliant, with an energizing and assured demeanor.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is playful and petite as a puppy, rhodesian ridgeback black mouth curbut its huge paws indicate that they will grow swiftly and large.

Overview of a male Rhodesian Ridgeback

Character / Personality

Males are thought to be more aggressive and protective than their female counterparts. Males are noticeably larger than females, yet they weigh much less. Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks are leaner and speedier than female Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Males may bark less than females because their bodies are built for speed.


The male Rhodesian Ridgeback is a straightforward dog to teach. Their forceful and intellectual personalities enable them to pick up new tricks, like as where to potty and where not to go in the house. Males excel at agility courses, and their small bodies allow them to complete courses in record time by combining speed and balance.

Health & Wellness

Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks suffer from the same health problems as females, with the exception of reproductive concerns. Elbow dysplasia, canine hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, deafness, and dermoid sinus are some of the health problems these dogs experience.


Breeding your dog without knowledge and competence is not recommended. Inbreeding can raise the risk of health problems in Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies. If you breed your male Rhodesian Ridgeback to a tiny breed female dog, the female may experience delivery problems or possibly die.

Overview of a female Rhodesian Ridgeback

Character / Personality

Females Female Rhodesian Ridgebacks are more independent than their moms, accepting massages and cuddles but preferring to do their own thing. Female ridgebacks are more prone to violent behavior than males.


Female Rhodesian Ridgebacks have shorter legs and a stockier physique with greater weight in the middle. Due to their usual body structure, females are slower and less agile than males. They may, however, be taught to complete a range of obstacle courses and tasks, such as sit and rollover.

Health & Wellness

Females, like men, are susceptible to the same health problems. Obesity and ovarian cancer are more common in female Rhodesian Ridgebacks, whereas male Rhodesian Ridgebacks do not have. If you feed your female a high-quality diet designed for obese dogs, she should be able to maintain a healthy weight as she gets older.


Females find breeding challenging and should avoid it unless there is a compelling reason. In this hybridized dog, birth problems are possible, and mating female Rhodesian Ridgebacks poses a significant risk of mortality. It’s a good idea to go over the benefits and drawbacks of breeding your dog before you do so, so you’re aware of the potential but common hazards that come with it.


Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks – Are They Aggressive?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, both male and female, can be aggressive depending on their habitat, disposition, and upbringing. If your ridgeback has had terrible experiences with humans in the past, rhodesian ridgeback black mouth cur they will be more wary and protective of you. When it comes to strangers and other dogs, females can snarl and feel possessive of their family.

Is it better to have a male or female Rhodesian Ridgeback?

When it comes to the ridgeback, there is no greater gender. Your choice of gender is based on your personal preferences. Although certain characteristics distinguish males from females, your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s entire personality will decide how he or she acts.

Has a Lion been killed by a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

This dog breed is powerful, it is no match for an adult lion’s strength and jaw. rhodesian ridgeback black mouth cur myth is most likely based on their capacity to take down huge prey, although there are no documented cases of a Rhodesian ridgeback killing a lion, but it is possible to injure one. Both male and female Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be equally powerful and intelligent enough to defend themselves, so power and strength have little to do with gender.

Which Gender Is Most Appropriate for You?

In comparison to males, females are more suited for households with older children. This is the preferable gender for you if you prefer the stockier and maternal temperament of the female Rhodesian Ridgeback.
A male’s sleek and nimble frame may suit you better if you wish to train and work your rhodesian ridgeback black mouth cur for farm life.

Although there are certain physical and behavioral distinctions between male and female ridgebacks, this does not necessarily translate to the personality of the ridgeback you are purchasing. Before you get a dog, spend some time observing the differences between the two genders and asking the shelter or breeder what features the dog’s parent has.
Although we can distinguish between the genders, this is merely a classification and does not always imply that your male or female Rhodesian Ridgeback will have the same disposition.

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