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rex guinea pig

The Rex Guinea Pig is a popular and popular guinea pig breed. It has a short, wavy coat that resembles that of a hedgehog. Rex guinea pigs are friendly and quiet, and they enjoy being touched and petted. This makes them an ideal pet for children who are responsible.

Their short, stubble-like coat helps protect them from water by standing up like a hedgehog. However, some Rex guineas have slightly longer, wavier coats than others. They are a low-maintenance guinea breed with short hair that does not require regular care or bathing.

They typically grow to be between 20 and 40 cm long and can survive for up to seven years. Rex Guinea Pig large, floppy ears that drop down from their thick woolen fur, giving them a pleasant and adorable appearance. They are an excellent guinea pig for a youngster or a first-time owner because they are easy to care for and require very little specialist care.

Rex Guinea Pigs: 3 Little-Known Facts

Teddy guineas resemble Rex guineas.

Nobody knows where the Rex guinea came from, and because they both have this distinct recessive gene, they are nearly indistinguishable from “teddy” guineas. The Rex has curlier whiskers around the eyes and nose, which is one way to tell them different.

They are carriers of a recessive gene.

The short hair of Rex guineas is generated by a recessive gene that causes their fur to be short and coarse.

Their toenails develop at a breakneck pace.

A Rex guinea doesn’t require much care or brushing, although its toenails grow more faster than those of most other breeds. This means they’ll need to be cut on a regular basis to avoid ingrown nails, which can become infected quickly.

What to Know Before Getting a Rex Guinea Pig

Requirements for Food and Diet

Rex guinea pigs are resilient creatures with no special nutritional needs. Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C on their own, thus it must be provided as part of their diet on a regular basis, preferably daily. Pellets of good quality are the finest food for all guinea pigs because they contain all of the nutrients, vitamins, and fiber needed for a balanced diet. A guinea’s diet can also be supplemented with occasional vegetables and leafy greens. Fresh fruits, on the other hand, are heavy in sugar, which is bad for guinea pigs in big numbers, therefore they should be fed sparingly.

Commercial foods containing artificial flavorings and colors, as well as seeds and nuts, should be avoided as a daily staple and only offered as occasional treats. Although commercial pellets will most likely contain high-fiber hay, you should always have fresh timothy hay on hand for your guineas. Make sure the hay isn’t treated with chemicals and isn’t old.

All guinea pigs should have constant access to clean, fresh water, which should be provided via a drip bottle system to keep the cage dry and the water clean, and the water should be changed on a daily basis.


The short, coarse hair of a Rex guinea pig is exceptionally resilient and requires little upkeep. However, it is recommended that you brush them once in a while and give them a wash a few times a year. As previously stated, the nails of a Rex guinea grow quickly, significantly faster than those of most other guinea breeds. This means they’ll need to be clipped and maintained on a regular basis, or they’ll become ingrown and infect you.


Regular exercise is necessary for guinea pigs of all breeds, and they should be given a large enough area to go around in. Rex guinea pigs are gregarious and playful animals who thrive in groups of two or more. Keep in mind that while an exercise wheel will benefit other small rodents, it will injure a guinea’s back and should be avoided.

Health and Conditions

Severe Situations:

Despite being a strong and durable breed, Rex guineas are nonetheless prone to major health problems. If their fast-growing nails aren’t cut on a regular basis, they might become ingrown, resulting in infections and difficulty walking. Obesity and diabetes in your guinea pigs can easily be fatal if you feed them too much fruit or veggies. Diarrhea can also be caused by eating too many wet and sugary meals, which can quickly lead to dehydration.

Minor Requirements:

A guinea that does not get enough vitamin C in its diet might develop vitamin C deficiency, which can lead to an unhealthy coat, hair loss, and a weakened immune system. If a guinea doesn’t have access to fresh hay, it can develop digestive and dental problems quickly.

Final Thoughts

Rex Guinea pigs are extremely friendly and loving creatures who enjoy being petted and have a wonderful personality. They are curious and amiable, making them ideal children’s pets. Because of their energetic temperament, they require a huge amount of space in their cage to run around and play, and they enjoy human connection.

Rex guineas require little care, making them an excellent choice for new guinea owners.

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