Mama Dog’s Video Thanking Woman for Feeding Her Family is a Tear-Jerker

by The Pets Pampering
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Pets have an uncanny ability to make us cry simply by being gorgeous and kind. They’re affectionate in a variety of ways. And even the smallest gestures we make for them can make a big difference. One particular stray mama dog went out of her way to express gratitude to an unsuspecting visitor.

A woman lays out food for the mama dog and all her puppies in a video submitted by Reddit user @westcoastcdn under the @AnimalsBeingBros channel. And people are obsessed with the video! There are over 700 comments and 92.5K likes on the post. The mother dog’s tail is wagging, and she appears to be in awe of what the nice stranger is doing for her. She wants the woman to know how grateful she is for everything she has given her. You might want to bring some Kleenex with you.

Bring on the sobs.”

Overabundance of cuteness. “Thank you, hooman lady, for feeding my infants,” she says “@Cloverhonney expressed his thoughts. We were completely taken aback when the woman paused what she was doing and lavished additional attention on the mother, lavishing her with all the love she deserved! “I wasn’t intending on sobbing today, but here we are,” @i thinknot commented. We’re all in tears.

@eapoll said, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… we don’t deserve dogs.” We don’t have any! According to @FluffyDiscipline, “Mama dog, you’re making sure the kids eat first… Mama Dog, you, too, require energy.” That is correct. This mother prioritizes her children, but she also needs to look after herself.

“Awwww, the poor animal, terrified but appreciative all at once. It’s both adorable and heartbreaking. What a lovely lady to take the time to be thoughtful “@Negaflux wrote: A special thank you to this wonderful woman for taking such good care of these little ones!

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