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Chickens have four toes on each foot in the great majority of cases. A fifth toe is found in a small number of breeds, and these chickens are known as polydactyl. Although there is no real benefit to possessing the fifth toe, it is regarded a breed standard in several breeds, such as the Dorking and Silkie. If a Dorking has four toes, mystic onyx chicken it is considered a hereditary flaw and the bird is penalized.

We’ve compiled a list of five rare chicken breeds that have five toes or should have five toes. Let’s look at each one in more detail.


The Dorking is an old chicken breed that originated in the Dorking district of the United Kingdom, however it was first discovered in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. This part of the UK was known for producing delicious chickens that were popular as meat breeds at the time. The breed is thought to have originated in Roman times. mystic onyx chicken It is still popular as a table bird today, but it is also a good egg producer.

Although the Dorking comes in a variety of colors, white, colorful, and silver-gray are the most prevalent.

However, because the White Dorking is considered endangered, you are rare to come across this color.

Dorkings are a huge breed that weighs roughly 8 pounds. They have short legs and a large breast, indicating that they are well-fed. A happy Dorking can lay up to 200 eggs each year, despite the breed’s reputation for sitting longer than other breeds. The amiable breed prefers free range and is an excellent addition to any coop.


The Faverolle is chatty, loud, and a bit of a comedian. Mystic onyx chicken Faverolles are well-liked by their owners because of their pet-like demeanor and demeanor. Faverolle get their name from a little village in France where they were born.

They were popular because they adapted to living in a cage just as well as they did to life in the wild. The emigrated from France to the United Kingdom and eventually to the United States. The Faverolle features a beard and a fluffy face, in addition to five toes.

They are 7 pounds in weight and may be quite affectionate birds. They lay about 200 eggs per year, however some owners have reported that their Faverolles have been very broody, which can prevent laying.


The Faverolle was created in response to the fact that the popular French breed of the time did not like being confined in a cage. The Houdan was that breed, and this old French breed has five toes on each foot as well.

It is a large bird that often weighs around 8 pounds or more, and it is now considered an uncommon breed that can be tough to find depending on where you are in the world.

The Houdan, like the Faverolle, has a beard and is a charming breed that is easy to handle and makes a welcoming addition to the coop.


The Sultan breed originated in Turkey, and its name stems from the fact that it was once owned by Turkish nobility. They’ve been bred to be sociable, affectionate, and even devoted. Not just because of the distinctive shock of bright white feathers on the head and white feathered legs, but also because they are regarded entertaining.

The Sultan’s favorable characteristics, like as friendliness and a pleasant demeanor, also indicate that the breed is not hardy. They can’t just be placed in the coop and left to their own devices. In fact, if you have any dominating breeds, they are likely to be picked on, and they are vulnerable to predation.

The breed is bred for its distinct appearance and personality. However,

You should think twice before taking on the Sultan chicken because it is neither a table bird nor a prolific layer.

Bantam Silkie

The Silkie Bantam, like the Sultan, is an ornamental breed. This means they aren’t bred for meat production, and while they do lay eggs, they aren’t known for being heavy egg layers.

What they are is truly one-of-a-kind. They have five toes instead of the customary four, and their silky coat is made up of extraordinarily delicate and fluffy feathers. They have black skin and bones and weigh only 2 pounds as authentic bantam chickens.

While they do produce about 100 eggs each year, it’s worth mentioning that those eggs are rather little, so if you’re looking for a breed to fill your breakfast plate every morning, you’ll have to search elsewhere.

Chickens With Five Toes are a type of chicken that has five toes.

While humans are supposed to have five toes, it is a fairly uncommon trait in chickens, and it isn’t necessary desirable because it provides no known benefit to the chicken or its owner. It is, nonetheless, a remarkable attribute because only five breeds of chicken (as well as several crossbreeds) possess this rare trait.

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