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maltese chihuahua mix

why are chihuahuas so aggressive? you need to know Chihuahuas are small dogs that are playful, energetic and a great companion but they aren’t as gentle as you might expect them to be. Most Chihuahuas tend towards being high strung, nervous and aggressive.Maltese Chihuahua Mix or There are several reasons for this, so this article will answer the question why are Chihuahuas are so aggressive and confrontational.

We are going to explain different reasons a Chihuahua might not be good with other dogs and people so that you can cohabitate more peacefully. The first thing we will look at are their history of being aggressive, arrogance, personal space issues, and the overall distrust the breed seems to have towards new people.

Why are Chihuahuas so aggressive? Here are top reasons to this behavior

Breeds of Chihuahuas

There are a variety of Chihuahua breeds but they fall into two types based on physical appearance. While some look like the classic stumpy ragamuffin man, there are also some that may appear more modern or even elegant, with longer legs and rounder faces.

Chihuahuas are unlike any other breed of dog when it comes to behavior. They don’t just love their owners — they thrive on them (and sometimes smother them). You can easily feel this love when the tiny dogs are grumpy and in need of a good cuddle. Sometimes what comes across as aggressive is just an overzealous form of affection that only Chihuahuas can give.

Learned behavior

maltese chihuahua mix

Many a times you wonder why are Chihuahuas so aggressive when the temperament of a Chihuahua depends on its owner and how you raise and train them. Chihuahuas can become aggressive if it is not properly trained by you or if it is you mistreat them. 

This aggressive behavior can take the form of biting strangers or playing too rough with other pets in the playground. 

It is important to train your Chihuahua at an early age. A dog that has been properly trained knows how to behave around other dogs and humans.

New Faces

Chihuahuas find meeting new people to be a frightening event, which they try to avoid by being defensive and aggressive. While this may be irritating  and a little embarrassing, you shouldn’t give up. It takes time for a Chihuahuas to feel comfortable around new people even after their one-year socialization period. 

Former abuse

Dogs can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, like humans. The thought why are Chihuahuas so aggressive can make you wonder if dogs can recall dangerous or stressful memories in their life. Yes, they can. So it’s important to do your best to get as much information from the previous owners as possible before you adopt them.


With other dogs – But with their impressive build, Chihuahuas firmly have power in the ring and are known to target their opponents – giving them cold, hard stares suitably chilling.

With you – If your Chihuahua is being aggressive, it’s not because they are trying to act cute and cheeky. They’re just showing off their aggressive personality to make sure you can handle them as dominant breeders should or Maltese Chihuahua Mix.

Training your Chihuahuas to display aggressiveness management is an important behavior. When your Chihuahua acts obnoxiously, saying “No!” “Off!” or other instructions may be help them sense your control.

Health Problems

As much as they are adorable, sometimes medical complications strike your Chihuahua which can be hard to detect. If your Chihuahua becomes unusually aggressive or defensive when you pet them, it’s possible they have an injury. 

Their rapid growth rate makes them susceptible to bone-related injuries such as hip dysplasia or knee cap dislocation, especially if they are overweight.

Other health problems to look out for are eye problems, obesity, allergies, arthritis and heart disease. They can worsen an aggressive nature for they may be in pain, so pet owners should look out for these signs.

To have a pair of healthy Chihuahuas, it is essential to understand their history and be well-experienced in caring for one or more of these breeds. A Maltese Chihuahua Mix is temperament is extremely strong, so they require a strong owner and regular vet visits.

Separation anxiety and noise anxiety.

When left alone for too long, Chihuahuas can become quite anxious. They may start to bark or growl at the people around them just to get attention. This is their way to get some reassurance that everything is going to be ok.

Another factor that could explain why Chihuahuas are so aggressive is their ability to adjust to changes in their habitat or surrounds. If you move into a new house and your dog is used to being with you 24 hours a day, and you suddenly leave it alone for long periods of time, it may become frightened and hostile against others.

If you’ve got an aggressive Chihuahua, there are a few things 

you can do to help it:

Take them for long walks

maltese chihuahua mix

First, make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise. Chihuahuas can be very competitive, so they like to show off how tough they are. If they’re not getting enough exercise, they may try to display off their toughness by being aggressive towards other dogs or people.

Try out new things

Second, expose your dog to new people and new places regularly. Chihuahuas are naturally wary of strangers and new places, so you will have to train them to relax and be cozy around them. 

The more often it’s exposed to new people and places, the less likely it will be aggressive towards them in the future.

Group socialization

Third, consider taking your dog to daycare! If you have trouble coming up with ways for your dog to interact with new people and different dogs on a regular basis, taking it to daycare may be a good option for you! 

Daycares offer lots of socializing opportunities that aren’t as easy for owners to provide at home on their own.

Develop a reward and punishing system

Treats and affection can help to calm him down, but it is important that you never reward bad behavior. If he starts to bark or attempt to bite, try and remove him from the area without any fuss. This will allow him to associate the action with his behavior being unacceptable.

Engage them in fun and games

Toys are a great way to distract your Maltese Chihuahua Mix when he is feeling aggressive towards strangers. When he isn’t barking or growling, give him his toy and praise him. This will help him to understand that good things happen when there are new people around.

Strict schedule

Establish a schedule for feeding and walking your dog. If you’re consistent with these daily routines, you’ll be able to better understand why your Chihuahua is becoming aggressive.

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We hope you have found the answers to your curiosity on why are Chihuahuas so aggressive. They may be aggressive but they are very independent dogs which means they can be a bit needy at times. Like all dogs, they need patience, understanding and a good home environment to thrive in. They can fit into all kinds of family settings and they love to go out. So spend some time to learn and know your Chihuahua


1.What to avoid in a Chihuahua?

No matter how much you love a Chihuahua, there are some things that you need to be aware of before you adopt one such as previous experiences and existing health conditions.

2.How many times should I take my dog to the vet?

It is fun to have a Chihuahua, but make sure to work closely with your veterinarian on a regular basis so you can identify upcoming medical issues early and help prevent the pain of major surgery. 

3.Why are Chihuahuas a “one-person” dog?  

A Chihuahua’s primary motivation is to be with its owner, and it will do almost anything to make this happen which is why its temperament can be hard to predict sometimes.

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