Do Cats Remember Their Mothers? Amazing Info You Need To Know

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living together with a stray cat girl

Cats make excellent mothers. They groom their kittens, teach them to hunt, and teach them how to navigate the feline world. They’ll keep doing it as long as the kittens are still in the same neighborhood. If moms are taken from their kittens, however, they will quickly forget their scent and become strangers. Living together with a stray cat girl utilize fragrance to identify one another more than sight, and a cat’s scent can change quickly after it is moved to a new home or relocated.

Litter Boxes & Cats

Cats can have kittens as early as 6 months old, albeit this is a relatively young age for a cat to become a mother. When a female cat reaches sexual maturity, she will go into heat every two weeks for the duration of the season, which runs from spring to early autumn.

The cat’s gestation cycle is 64 days, and while a litter can have anything from one to twelve kittens, the typical litter size is four. The largest litter ever recorded has 19 kittens.

A cat becomes a “queen” after giving birth and will actually go into heat while still nursing her previous litter.

When a Mother Cat Remembers Her Kittens, How Long Does She Remember Them?

The duration of a mother cat’s memory of her kittens is determined by their communal or familial status. If the group stays together, the female cat will remember her children and will usually treat them as if they were her own. She is free to continue bringing presents and grooming her children.

If the offspring are separated from their mother, she will usually forget about them after a few weeks. Living together with a stray cat girl who have returned kittens to their moms at a later date, as well as instances where the kittens live close to the mother but not in the same house, have noticed this.

Do Cats Think You’re Their Mother?

Cats exhibit their humans a level of attention and love that they would ordinarily reserve for their mother. As a result, many cat owners assume that their cat considers them to be their mother.

While cats may not regard humans as their mother, behaviorists and veterinarians feel we are treated with the same reverence and love as their mothers. They treat us the same way they treat their mother cats, and they see our potential as caregivers and loving family members.

Do Father Cats Know Their Kittens?

Cats are fascinating creatures, and their mating practices are no exception. A litter of kittens could have several fathers, each of whom could be distinct. This is what allows each kitten in a litter to have a unique appearance. It also means that male cats are unlikely to be able to tell which of a litter’s kittens is theirs.

Male cats who stay with their kittens may strive to protect and care for them. They are, however, just as likely to disregard the kittens.

Do Cats Get Sad When You Give Away Their Kittens?

Kittens often leave their moms around the age of 12 weeks.

The kitten should have been weaned onto solid foods at this point. In most cases, they will have begun to use a litter tray and may have picked up some of mum’s other behaviors.

When the mother cat’s kittens first leave, it’s not uncommon for her to feel distraught. This will express itself in her frantically scouring the house for her kittens. She may meow and make other noises in the hopes of eliciting a response from her babies.

Mom’s Smell:

Instead of seeing each other, cats recognize one other by smell. If at all possible, bring a blanket or piece of clothing that smells like your kitten’s mother. They will be able to smell their mother and may mistake the bed or other object for her. They’ll let go of the blanket eventually.

Provide a Quiet Area:

For a kitten, the whole event might be rather overwhelming. They are taken to a new house and introduced to a variety of new people, animals, sights, sounds, and scents, in addition to being removed from their mother and littermates. Provide them with a quiet retreat, such as a warm blanket or a bed.

Adopt Littermates:

Adopting two or more littermates might make the separation process go more smoothly. Siblings normally get along, and they’ll recognize each other when you bring them home for the first time. You should strive to keep the two from forming such a close attachment that they experience separation anxiety, and be aware that they may not get along as they get older.

Be Compassionate:

Above all, be compassionate. Your new kitten is struggling with a lot, including being separated from its family and having to navigate a whole new world. Ensure that they eat and stay hydrated, that they have a place to sleep and stay comfortable, and that they have familiar smells and even littermates to aid with the transition.


As long as they live in the same house or community, cats remember their mothers. However, data suggests that a cat and its mother will lose the ability to distinguish each other’s scent within a few weeks of being separated.

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