Italian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix Fact and Information

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italian greyhound chihuahua mix

The Italian greyhound chihuahua mix is a crossbreed between an Italian greyhound and a chihuahua. Both pets make good apartment dogs and are easy to train. They don’t shed much, are very friendly and playful, not to mention that they are incredibly adorable.

The Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix could be a great new addition to your family. If you like the Italian Greyhound but want a smaller dog, you might be wondering if the chihuahua cross is right for you. Learn all about this dog’s history, traits, personalities, and adoption process.

Italian greyhound chihuahua mix breed

The Greyhuahua is a designer mixed breed dog–a cross between the Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua dog breeds. It is also sometimes called an Italian Greyhuahua or Chi-Spanish Greyhound. These are tiny dogs weighing in at 5 to 15 pounds and standing 9 to 15 inches tall. The lifespan of this crossbreed is between 12 to 15 years. Introduce them to children early to be very good with them.

Small and sturdy, this crossbreed dog has a long body, a relatively long muzzle, and large eyes. Affectionate, loyal, and full of energy make a great family pet that requires minimal grooming. These dogs tend to act possessive of their owners but are not aggressive towards strangers. They are also very strong-willed, so ensure that your dog is well trained early on in life.

Physical appearance

The crossbreed’s body is slightly long, with a deep chest, narrow waist, and tucked-up belly. The head is long and narrow, with large eyes set wide apart. The ears are large and folded forward, while the muzzle is tapered and angular. The tail curves up towards the back but does not curl over the back.

It has a silky coat which can be black, fawn or white. This dog’s coat is long and straight, but it can also have wavy or curly hair. The Italian greyhound chihuahua mix breed has almond-shaped eyes which are dark brown or black. This dog’s ears are pointy, and its muzzle is slightly upturned. Its tail is long and tapering towards the end. This dog has an elegant gait, and it moves with a smooth motion.


It’s a dog that loves to bark, and its bark sounds like a yodeler’s call. It is a friendly dog that loves children as well as other dogs. The Italian greyhound chihuahua mix breed does not do well when left alone for extended periods as it suffers from separation anxiety when left on its own. This dog will follow you around wherever you go within the house, so it will not be suitable for people who need their space because it will want to.


Some small dog breeds are for speed, from Chihuahuas to Italian Greyhounds. But once you take your dog home and start feeding it, its exercise regimen may slow down. Fortunately, few dogs are in danger of becoming couch potatoes if they have a caring owner who’s willing to put in the time.

Fitness Basics

Take your dog out at least twice a day, in the morning and the evening — so it can go to the bathroom. It’s particularly important for puppies that are still learning where they’re supposed to go potty. The amount of time you spend walking with your dog is up to you and depends on whether you’re willing to put in the effort and if your dog has any special needs.

These dogs are very active and will need plenty of exercise every day. The Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix loves to run and chase things. It will do well with someone who likes to jog or walk fast. They may also enjoy agility training, which offers mental and physical exercise.


Think of nutrient-dense food when choosing food for your Italian greyhound chihuahua mix. That means that you need to pick out food that has a lot of nutrients in it rather than picking out food that has. Remember that he is a small breed and does not need much food.

The key is to feed him the right food for his size and activity level. When you first bring your Italian greyhound chihuahua mix home, continue feeding the same type of food that the breeder fed him.

It will help avoid stomach upset and digestive problems. Once you have slowly transitioned to his new diet, you can start to experiment with different types of dog food. You can try some high-quality dry kibble or even wet food if he prefers it. Just make sure you feed him the right amount based on his size and weight.

Grooming and care

The Italian greyhound chihuahua mix is not a hypoallergenic dog, which means it sheds and will require regular brushing.

Due to their thin coat, the Italian Greyhuahua has very little tolerance for cold weather. Keep them indoors in the cold seasons. If you need to take your Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix out in cold weather, be sure to dress them up in warm clothes, so they don’t get sick.

Training and socialisation

The Italian greyhound chihuahua mix personality is a little different from the average Italian Greyhound in that it will be more adaptable to change. The high energy levels of this breed make him more likely to become bored if left alone too often. A way to keep your Italian greyhound chihuahua mix happy is through socialisation. It means introducing him to other dogs, people, and cats early.

Start your Italian greyhound chihuahua mix training as early as possible, especially if you plan on showing him or keeping him as a pet. There are several ways to help your dog learn basic obedience commands like sit, stay and come when called. One way is through positive reinforcement, where you reward your dog for doing good deeds with praise or treats. Another method is through negative reinforcement, where you punish your dog for bad behaviour such as biting or scratching furniture.

When it comes to Italian greyhound chihuahua mix socialisation, you must introduce your dog to new people and new situations slowly so that he does not become frightened or aggressive around them. It would help if you introduced the Italian greyhound chihuahua mix to different people, animals, sights, and sounds at an early age.

italian greyhound chihuahua mix
italian greyhound chihuahua mix

Health issues

The Italian Grey Chihuahua is a healthy crossbreed and does not have many health problems that are unique to it. Chihuahua is one of the breeds prone to luxating patella, and the mix may inherit this. Luxating patella occurs when the dog’s kneecap slips out of its place, leading to significant pain and lameness in the leg. You should check your dog regularly for signs of discomfort.

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is another problem associated with the Chihuahua breed, and the mix inherits it. The disease damages blood circulation to the hip joint, causing deterioration of the hip socket and damage to the ball part of the joint. If you notice your dog has any mobility problems or appears crippled, it could be suffering from Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and needs veterinary treatment as soon as possible. Treatment involves surgery typically on both hips at once.

The third health problem commonly associated with Chihuahua is Molera – or ‘open fontanelle’ – which describes a soft spot on an otherwise fully grown skull. 

Preparing your home for an Italian greyhound chihuahua mix puppy or dog.

  • Keep items out of reach. Be sure your new puppy or dog can’t reach toxic plants, cleaning products, electrical cords, medications, or other items that could be harmful. Don’t forget about human food and drinks that can be dangerous for dogs.
  • Use safety gates. Block access to areas where your Italian greyhound chihuahua mix shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Don’t leave doors open. Keep your puppy or dog from entering a room with a closed door.
  • Be sure windows have screens and balconies are secure. Never leave an Italian greyhound chihuahua mix unattended on a balcony or in an unscreened area that’s open to the outdoors.


The popularity of the Italian greyhound chihuahua mix breed has grown in recent years, resulting in more individuals with allergies purchasing these dogs. It is essential to know what you are getting into before bringing one of these dogs into your home. It is still an exceptional breed that doesn’t have any genetic problems and requires minimal care. So if you are looking for a dog that doesn’t require much attention, then Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix will be a perfect option for you.


Is the Italian greyhound chihuahua crossbreed the right dog for me?

The Italian Greyhound is among the tiniest sighthounds used as a companion dog. They are very active dogs that love to run around and play. They are not a heavy shedder and require little grooming.

How is the Italian greyhound chihuahua mix with kids?

The Italian Greyhound is a delicate dog that owners supervise around small children. While they can live happily in large families, they do better in households with older children who treat them with care.

When raising them around children, the Italian Greyhound can show surprising patience with them. But they may not be able to handle the rough treatment that toddlers and young children sometimes deliver.

They are tiny; it’s easy for an Italian Greyhound to get knocked over or injured by a child who doesn’t mean any harm. The same goes for their fragile bones, which can easily break or fracture if a child picks them up improperly, drops them on a hard surface, or steps on them accidentally.


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