How to stop birds nesting under roof tiles

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Wherever you reside within the UK, you’re more likely to see loads of birds daily. hey play a pivotal function in nearly each ecosystem on the planet and are available lots of of 1000’s of sizes and styles. Nevertheless, there are a variety of points that may happen when birds come into contact with people. One downside that many owners will face is birds nesting on their roof, notably beneath their roof tiles. how to stop birds nesting under roof tiles. This could harm not solely your property’s aesthetics, but in addition its construction, and even harm your well being.

First: The Dos and Don’ts

Interfering with birds in any means, form or type is a really controversial situation, with debate raging constantly up and down the nation. When coping with nesting birds, There’s a strict set of legal guidelines that it’s essential to observe and going towards lots of them is a felony offence. It’s vital that no chicken nests, no matter species, are disturbed whereas in use. This rule applies even when eggs or chicks will not be current – if the nest is presently residence to birds, it have to be left alone or stop birds nesting under roof tiles.

Earlier than disposing of a nest, the species it belongs to should first be recognized, after which their breeding season must be came upon . Nests can solely be eliminated outdoors of the chicken’s nesting season, so if you recognize which chicken it’s and it’s nonetheless their nesting season, the nest must be left alone . There are a number of guides to chicken nesting seasons throughout the online, with the particularly proving a useful supply to anybody on the lookout for recommendation concerning birds.

What Kind of Birds Might I Have In My Roof?

A variety of birds are able to deciding to make their nest in your roof, with some species thought of much less fascinating than others. Well-liked species embody sparrows, swifts, swallows and extra, whereas pigeons proving to be essentially the most infamous of the ‘pest’ birds . In contrast to many different species, you’re simply as more likely to encounter pigeons if you’re in a metropolis as you’ll be within the countryside – they’re a few of the world’s most profitable chicken species, however that is primarily as a result of their opportunism, which in flip could make them quite unhygienic neighbours.

It’s not essentially all the time pigeons that drive folks to want to evict birds from their roofs, however they’re unquestionably the commonest downside, with gulls and varied members of the corvid household (crows, magpies, jackdaws and so forth.) additionally inflicting points for seaside and countryside properties respectively.

It’s these bigger birds that are usually messier, and might go away twigs, feathers and excrement throughout your roof as they make their residence there . They will also be quite loud (particularly gulls) and, of their seek for meals or supplies for his or her nests, will be harmful, each in direction of your roof and past.

What Kind of Harm Can Birds Do to a Roof?


Whether or not they’re simply passing by or making a nest beneath your roof tiles, there are a variety of the way by which birds can harm a roof. This contains rapid results in addition to potential long-term harm to the house or stop birds nesting under roof tiles.

Hen Droppings

Sadly, birds are quite indiscriminate in the case of the place they do their enterprise. Because of this ought to birds be nesting beneath your roof tiles or anyplace else in your roof house, You’ll be able to shortly end up with a significant issue. Not solely will the chicken droppings look quite ugly, However as chicken faeces accommodates a excessive amount of uric acid, it will probably even eat away at roofing supplies and trigger them to degrade over time.

Broken Roof Tiles

Birds can harm your roof tiles in a number of methods. In case your roof has any tiles which might be free or cracked already, birds can exacerbate the issue, notably in the event that they construct a nest beneath them. As well as, a chicken’s nest is a really engaging prospect for bugs, who might shortly make themselves at residence in your roof house and trigger structural points.

Waste and Particles Construct-Up

Many species of chicken return to the identical nesting place yearly, which implies should you don’t discourage this now, you might have a significant issue in your fingers . After a couple of quick years a house owner might be offered with quite a few outdated, rotting nests stuffed with excrement, lifeless chicks and rotten eggs. Not solely are this stuff disagreeable, they can even present a danger to human health.

Blocked Gutters

In addition to beneath free roof tiles or within the void left by lacking tiles, birds typically construct their nests in gutters. It is because when there aren’t any timber accessible, a pleasant clear high-up spot like your roofline turns into the following neatest thing. Guttering additionally gives birds and their chicks with a provide of contemporary water. Birds nests will in fact block your house’s drainage system, which may result in overflowing, leaks and even water ingress into your roof house or stop birds nesting under roof tiles


One other hazard that birds nesting in your roof may cause is fireplace. That is firstly as a result of the truth that birds’ nests are so flammable – as they’re produced from grass, dried leaves, twigs and different supplies . In addition to this, birds typically construct their nests close to electrical equipment as a result of heat, or inside chimneys or air flow methods for a similar cause . Blocking the air move from a house on this means is a hazard in itself, as within the occasion of a fireplace smoke can be unable to flee.

Learn how to Cease Birds Nesting Beneath Roof Tiles?

There are a number of methods to equip your roof to be able to assist it within the prevention of nesting birds, with every technique coming with their very own execs and cons . It must be famous that there is no such thing as a flawless technique of stopping birds from settling in your roof – and every of those choices have drawbacks . Nevertheless, the choice with most fascinating traits and the least detrimental points is actually all the way down to you to resolve.

Eaves Closures

The eaves are a typical place for birds to make a house in your roofline. They’re an excellent spot to roost in due to the shelter from the weather, and canopy away from predators. Eave guards, eave protectors or eaves closures are all names for a spread of merchandise designed to maintain our feathered mates at bay. They assist to cowl up any gaps in your roofline, stopping birds from having the chance to nest there.

Sound Deterrents

Sound deterrents are a preferred type of nesting prevention. They’re small gadgets that may be put in on or round your roof, and sometimes emit a high-pitched noise that proves very irritating to birds, to the purpose that they may refuse to nest within the neighborhood of the sound. This has confirmed to be a extremely efficient means of stopping birds from coming close to your property.

There are downsides to think about when trying into this selection, nonetheless. Firstly, it received’t simply cease birds from nesting on or round your property however might cease them coming anyplace close to it for greater than a minute or so. This could show problematic not just for birdlife, but in addition for you and your backyard. Birds are essential to any ecosystem, so their absence will definitely be felt in your backyard. Plenty of these sound deterrents additionally emit noises that would definitely show annoying to any human that hears them too, so preserving them close to the bottom or at the next quantity might trigger you irritation down the road.

Decoy Birds

Decoy birds, at first look, might look a little bit foolish to many. Usually, they arrive within the type of British birds of prey, equivalent to a peregrine falcon, crimson kite, or one of many a number of owl species that reside in our countryside. These decoys can generally look very faux to people, however many chicken species received’t take the danger of approaching them.

There are few drawbacks to those decoy birds. For instance, they’ll typically show pretty ugly, particularly if they’re of a less expensive make. These specific fashions also can show extraordinarily fragile and might simply be fractured if knocked or dropped from a peak. One of many principal drawbacks, particularly with the static fashions, is that they might solely work as deterrents for thus lengthy . Birds are literally a few of the smarter creatures within the animal kingdom, particularly crows, jackdaws and ravens, and it could solely be a matter of time earlier than they suss out the faux decoys and make their nests in your roof anyway!

Hen Spikes

Among the only and everlasting of the chicken deterrents are chicken spikes. Regardless of their ominous sounding names, these equipment are literally very humane, and easily make it harder, quite than unattainable, for the chicken to land and stand on the floor on which they’re positioned . This is the reason you could generally see pigeons sitting amongst the spikes at prepare stations and on workplace buildings in cities and cities – the spikes permit them to cease and take a break, however are merely an excessive amount of problem for the birds to navigate round for them to trouble attempting to construct a nest there.

Hen spikes are equipment that may be bought for a spread of areas on and round your property. Roof verges, ridges, guttering and porches can all have chicken spikes positioned on them, and can work very successfully virtually instantly. Bird guards in your chimney additionally provide wonderful safety from nesting birds.

As you’ll be able to think about, one of many principal points with chicken spikes is that they’ll look fairly ugly – regardless of of the shortage of hurt they pose birds, they nonetheless can look quite unappealing when laid out throughout your roof prime . They will also be dangerous for people to navigate round, so any space that sees pretty frequent human visitors shouldn’t have these spikes in place.

Learn how to Forestall Birds from Nesting on Your Roof in Future

Performing common roof upkeep is a crucial a part of preserving birds away out of your roof. Cracked, free, or lacking tiles can shortly turn out to be houses for nests, and seemingly benign grime or particles will solely assist to gas the issue.

Exchange Lacking Tiles

It’s one factor to have birds nesting in your roof, however it’s fairly one other to have birds nesting inside it. Right here, their potential for damaging your property rises exponentially, with their entry to the underlay and insulation a really believable recipe for catastrophe . This is the reason merely changing any lacking titles is among the finest methods to really cease birds from inflicting direct harm to your roof.


Stop birds nesting under roof tiles orTackling the issue of nesting birds will be tough, particularly in the event that they’ve already made their residence in your roof beforehand. It’s finest to behave pre-emptively to be able to save your self quite a lot of time and problem.

So whereas it’s completely comprehensible that measures might have to be taken to forestall birds from making their houses on or round your roof, maybe this might be countered by aiding them in another means, equivalent to constructing or putting in a chicken field in your backyard, and placing out meals for them . Whereas this may occasionally sound counter-productive to these trying to expel birds from their property, it may be a great way to make up for disallowing them to reside in your roof . Particular birdboxes and feeders additionally exist that forestall bigger birds such pigeons from utilizing them, giving the smaller, extra weak birds equivalent to robins, thrushes and the various totally different songbirds a wonderful different to your roof.

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