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how far can dogs hear

Have you ever sat down to think about the ways in which our dog pets are like us? Probably yes, right? But did you ever stop to think about what’s unique about them? Dogs have a few special abilities that make them stand apart from us. Some of these abilities are obvious while others aren’t. This article will look at one of them: Hearing – How far can dogs hear? Turns out, they can hear us quite well without us having to raise our voices.


We will first look at the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing refers to making sound; Listening, on the other hand, is paying attention and retaining what you take in. The answer is surprisingly far. Dogs can hear both frequency and loudness, even though they can’t pinpoint sound like humans do. 

Dogs can hear sounds over a range of approximately 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz. That’s the same frequency as a siren! In comparison, humans can hear around 64 Hz to 23,000 Hz. If a dog can pick up on certain dog whistle frequencies, it can hear sounds at 3 times the upper limit of human hearing.

Some studies have found that other dogs can hear sounds at 75,000 hertz for some breeds. But what does this mean? It means dogs can hear noises of low pitch, which is why the dog whistle, which is silent to humans, can be heard by dogs. Dogs are also able to hear many sounds humans cannot pick up every day, such as on TV or ambulances from a distance.



Did you know they can hear a sound from 50 feet away? When your dog starts going “hunting” for a nonexistent noise, it’s not a case of a full bladder accidently finding a floorboard.

Dog’s complex ear muscles enhance their amazing hearing abilities. Billions of neurons in their auditory cortex are detecting and distinguishing minute differences in waves of sound given off by different predators or other sounds. Dogs have about a dozen ear muscles that allow them to tilt, rotate, and lift each ear independently.

This enables dogs to detect sound direction more accurately than humans. A dog’s ear canal is also unique because it contains special ridges that help protect its delicate inner ears from loud noises or sudden changes in pressure while still enabling them to remain alert to sounds in their environment. 

One attribute of what allows dogs to hear sounds is their asymmetrical internal ear. When this detects a sound, the face muscles will contract, like when our eyes see what they are supposed to be looking at.

Having exceptional hearing also helps sense-specialist dogs. Assistance dogs work with people who might need help in their daily life, such as people who are blind, deaf or live with epilepsy.

Dogs’ amazing hearing allows them to identify people arriving via the sound of their light steps, or movement. What we are trying to say is, you can never sneak up on your dog. They hear you and if they don’t move or respond they are probably pretending. They see the world through their ears with the help of the people around them.


The how far can dogs hear question bares it answers in the dog’s most outstanding abilities. The absolute range to which a dog can hear, however, depends upon the breed. Dogs were for hunting, such as hounds and terriers, have sharper hearing than dogs bred for other purposes.

The smallest breeds of dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas have a range of approximately 300 yards where huge dogs like St. Bernard can have a range as much as half a mile. Sonar helps them determine where sounds come from but they also use their sense of sight and sense of smell to locate the source of the sound.

Known nerdy researchers and doctor folks agree that dogs with heavy, floppy ears don’t hear as well as dogs with erect, upright ears. Issues come about with floppy ears; it causes them to have ear infections due to the heavy ears hanging so close to their head.


To understand how far dogs can hear, you need to understand that a dog has five senses just like humans. They smell, hear, see, feel and taste and these senses are stronger because they enable them to sense things we cannot. However, they cannot hear certain frequencies that are present in an ultrasonic region…. on the other hand, they are capable of hearing things at however low a sound on the electroencephalogram. Even the youngest little pups can hear sound waves pretty darn well! 

Dog ears are also larger and more erect than ours, aiding in their ability to detect sound waves. On locating and focusing on sounds in different directions, a dog tends to bark, growl, or squeak with the highest precision without being irritated by their own sounds.

how far can dogs hear


What a dog’s sense of hearing can do for humans?

Domesticated dogs track their prey based on smell and sound better than humans or other pets do, so it makes sense that they can pick-up high-pitched sounds better than us too. 

Guides you to live a better life.

Imagine how stressed and panicked you would feel not being able to hear an ambulance amidst the sound of traffic and loud machinery near a construction site. With a dog as company, they warn you of sounds that we as humans don’t hear and save their human’s life. Movies have best demonstrated how dogs save their owners life, and yes it happens in real life.


This topic on how far can dogs hear helps us to see how they support their owners in moving around and learning to be independent. are especially alert and responsive to their environment, giving you the assurance, you need to embrace the outside fast-moving world. If you have a hearing dog, your focus can shift away from your shortcomings or disability. A hearing guide dog can help the deaf or hard-of-hearing navigate their social environment and live more independently; they can be your ears on the ground.

Encourage you to socialize

More and more trained improve the lives of people; deaf, or even socially anxious people, whose dog will encourage other people to come and talk, breaking the communication barrier and giving you more confidence. 


A dog’s impressive hearing ability help their handlers nullify disturbances in the home, workplace, or public by alerting them to specific noises. With their sharp hearing they can bark to alert you of specific disruptive noises that are unusual. Different breeds of dogs have different hearing ranges. Breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Labradors are particularly good for this type of work. However, this becomes successful with constant practice. So, it’s important that you always spend time with your pup practicing instructions.


Talking about how intelligent some dogs are and how far dogs can hear fire alarms and smoke alarm sounds. Dogs inform you of these warning signals. They will also alert you of the doorbell ring, cooker timer, the environment alert clock for filling the bathtub, and even your alarm clock.


For these benefits and how a dog can help alleviate anxiety and is a source of comfort what makes dog owners value them. After learning how far can dogs hear, you know understand how they have proved to be a good companion and helpful to us, in return let’s take care of them and their wellbeing. Reward your dog’s hearing abilities today. 


Why can’t my dog hear me?

It might be nothing more than an ear infection. Dogs are often able to hear better with one ear than the other, but they will still be able to hear clearly with just one ear.

How can I improve my dog’s hearing?

Through training. During the puppy’s socialization period, teach your dog basic commands, introduce it to new places. 

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