French Bulldog Corgi Mix Amazing Info You Need To Know

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The French Bullhuahua is a designer dog with French Bulldog corgi mix and Chihuahua parents, as its name suggests. These dogs are wonderful companions because they are loyal and sometimes overprotective. While they can make wonderful family dogs, they are best suited to individuals or small families because they tend to bond with a single human. Continue reading to learn more about French Bullhuahuas and whether or not they are a good match for you and your family.

How much do French Bullhuahua puppies cost?

You should anticipate to pay between $150 and $700 for a French Bullhuahua puppy if you are interested. If the higher end of the range seems exorbitant, keep in mind that a purebred French Bull or Chihuahua would cost much more; you’d likely pay well over $1,000 for one of these dogs.

There are a few factors to consider when looking for a breeder. First and foremost, the American Kennel Club does not accept the French Bulldog corgi mix as a designer dog.” This implies that these puppies will not come with pedigree papers, which can provide information about your dog’s genealogy and health history. When looking for a breeder, do your research and don’t be hesitant to ask to tour the breeding facility or meet the parents of your dog. It’s worth questioning why a dog is being sold for much less or much more than you anticipate to pay. It’s a significant red flag if a breeder refuses to let you inspect the breeding facility or doesn’t respond to your questions.

3 Uncommon Knowledge About the French Bullhuahua

The French Bullhuahua, like many designer dog breeds, is a relatively new breed with little history. The French Bulldog and the Chihuahua, on the other hand, have far lengthier histories. We’ve compiled a list of intriguing facts about the French Bulldog and Chihuahua that you might not be aware of!

The French Bulldog has its origins in England as well.

Toy English Bulldogs and French rat terriers are said to be the ancestors of French Bulldog corgi mix.

The Chihuahua is a Mexican breed.

These dogs were called after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where they were discovered for the first time.

French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas are both “talkative” dogs.

The Chihuahua is notorious for its “yapping,” but the French Bulldog can be “talkative” as well. They don’t bark as often as Chihuahuas, but they do communicate with little yips, grunts, and howls. Fortunately, the French Bullhuahua is not noted for barking frequently, though it may inherit its parents’ chattiness.

The French Bullhuahua’s Temperament and Intelligence

Overall, French Bullhuahuas are affectionate and loyal dogs who adore sitting in their owners’ laps and being the focus of attention. They can also be stubborn or violent at times, however their small size means they don’t constitute a significant threat. Still, you should begin teaching your French Bullhuahua as soon as possible to prevent any undesired behavior.

Do These Dogs Make Good Family Pets?

While French Bullhuahuas who have been socialized with children perform well with tiny children, they are best suited for small families or singles. This is because these dogs will pick a favorite family member with whom they will have a stronger attachment. They don’t like a lot of noise and are often reserved among strangers. If you have children, especially if they are young, make sure to teach them how to properly interact with a dog if they are too rough, your French Bulldog corgi mix may snap at them. It’s important to remember that the sooner you introduce your dog to your children, the better.

French bulldog corgi mix
French Bulldog Corgi Mix

Is this breed good with other animals?

Similarly, to get along with other pets, the French Bullhuahua requires a lot of socializing. They can be territorial and overprotective animals, therefore the more chances your pet gets to meet and interact with other animals from a young age, the better.

The Essentials of Owning a French Bullhuahua: Food and Diet Requirements

If you’re looking for the best food for your French Bullhuahua, look for high-quality kibble designed exclusively for little dogs. A small dog like the French Bullhuahua requires between 34 and 134 cup of food each day, according to PetMD. The amount of food you should feed your French Bullhuahua is determined by his or her optimal weight, degree of activity, and age. Because these dogs are more likely to acquire weight than other breeds, we recommend sticking to set mealtimes rather than allowing your pet to eat whenever he or she wants. Consult your veterinarian to determine the type and amount of food that is appropriate for your dog.


The stubbornness of the French Bullhuahua comes from both of its parent breeds. This tenacity might make training your dog a difficult task. As a result, these canines are most likely best suited for experienced dog owners with prior dog training expertise. If you’re a newbie and fall in love with a French Bullhuahua, don’t worry; these dogs can be a perfect match for you as well. You should, however, put aside some time and money to take your dog to a competent trainer. To minimize undesired habits, it’s critical that your French Bullhuahua receive the socialization and training it requires from a young age. If you wish to train your dog on your own, be consistent and patient with him. Positive reinforcement will work considerably better than harsher training approaches.


The French Bullhuahua requires just moderate exercise as a tiny breed. Every day, you should take your dog for a minimum of 30 minutes of walking. Opportunities to run around in the backyard or at the dog park will also benefit your French Bullhuahua. A yard isn’t necessary as long as your pet receives enough exercise; these dogs may easily adjust to live in an apartment or other compact environment.


The grooming of a French Bullhuahua is quite straightforward. Brush your dog up to three times per week to keep his coat healthy and avoid shedding. You don’t need to bathe your dog too regularly; in fact, doing so can deplete the healthful oils in its coat. You should clean its ears once a week and cut its nails once every few weeks, though.

Every dog, like humans, is an individual with a distinct personality. As a result, any sex-related personality differences are largely based on anecdotes and assumptions. Owners of French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas have noticed several variances between male and female canines, which may help us understand the differences in personality between male and female French Bulldogs.

Male Chihuahuas, on the whole, are slower learners than female Chihuahuas. Females are more likely to get along with other animals (including other dogs) than males, and males are more affectionate and overall easier to socialize with humans.

Female French Bulldogs, according to their owners, are a little sweeter and less aggressive than males. Male French Bulldogs are generally more self-reliant than females.

Final Thoughts

Overall, French Bullhuahuas can be wonderful pets, but they may not be suitable for all families. If you are a first-time dog owner or have small children, the French Bullhuahua may not be right for you. These dogs, on the other hand, could be a perfect alternative if you live in an apartment or other compact living space and are seeking for an animal that can adapt well to the space constraints of your home. For singles or elderly looking for a furry pal, they make excellent companions. At the end of the day, finding the right pet for you boils down to your personality. Spend time with a possible adopter to determine whether the adoption will work for you and your family.


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