Why is Pitbull Ear Cropping Performed, and Is It Cruel?

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Pitbull ear clipping is a contentious subject. Some individuals believe it is inhumane and brutal, while others believe it is a necessary operation. While we do not recommend ear cropping, we will examine some of the reasons why it is done today or ear cropping dogs near me?.

What Is Ear Cropping and How Does It Work?

Pitbulls get their ears cropped between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks. On an anesthetized dog, this is frequently done by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, especially in underground dog fighting rings, people would use knives, razor blades, and scissors to cut off the dogs’ ears without giving them any anesthetic. When this is done, the ears frequently mend unevenly and seem lopsided. The ears are sometimes clipped so close to the head that the dog appears to be devoid of them.

When this treatment is performed incorrectly on dogs older than 12 weeks, it can result in permanent damage and excruciating discomfort, as well as a lengthier recovery time. Unprofessional techniques may also result in the desired effect not occurring once the ears have healed. They still have the ability to flop and not stand up straight.

The floppy section of the ear, called the pinna, is cut off to make the ears stand up straight when this treatment is done properly by a specialist. The cut ears are then taped to a rigid frame around the ears for several weeks to allow them to heal erect.

It may be difficult to locate a veterinarian who can perform this surgery. This is not a procedure taught in veterinary school. Veterinarians that want to do this surgery must learn from other veterinarians, either by aiding in surgeries or by watching them. That means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and one dog’s cropped ears may differ from another’s.

Pitbull Ears That Aren’t Man-Made

Pitbulls have ears that are similar to those of Labrador retrievers. As the dog grows older, the ears may become more erect, with small curls at the top, giving the dog a cheerful, curious expression. Some people prefer their ears to have a more natural appearance.

History of Ear Cropping

Ear clipping is claimed to have begun in ancient Rome, when ear injuries from dog fights were common. Cropping the ears made them less vulnerable to harm. Ears were frequently pulled or bitten off as easy targets, ear cropping dogs near me causing enormous suffering to the dog and driving them to lose the fight. Even though dogfighting is prohibited in many places, it is nonetheless practiced for this purpose today.

Working dogs that guarded animals or pursued prey had their ears cropped. Cropping the dog’s ears was a technique to protect them from injury if they were to battle a predator.

Cropping is also supposed to help the dog avoid ear infections, though this has not been confirmed to be true. Ear infections can affect dogs with or without clipped ears.

Why Is Ear Cropping Still Performed Today?

Ear cropping is not supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association. However, for a variety of reasons, the practice continues today.


Cropped ears are preferred by some who believe they make the dog appear more ferocious. If they want to protect themselves or their property with their Pitbull, they may want a vicious-looking dog. It’s not always possible to achieve that look with floppy ears.

The majority of ear cropping procedures performed on dogs today are done for cosmetic reasons. If the dog is a household pet, the traditional reasons for cropping the ears are no longer valid.

Breed Specification

Some Pitbull owners believe they don’t have an option when it comes to clipping ears. They believe that ear cropping is required to produce a “Genuine Pitbull.” “The American Kennel Club recognizes that ear cropping, tail docking, and dewclaw removal, as defined in particular breed standards, are approved practices ear cropping dogs near me vital to defining and conserving breed character and/or increasing excellent health,” according to the American Kennel Club.

Veterinary care should be supplied as needed.

Some dog shows will not allow a dog to compete if its ears are not clipped. Depending on the breed, the AKC will allow dogs with clipped or uncropped ears to compete.

Beliefs That Aren’t True

Dogs with trimmed ears are thought to have greater hearing, fewer ear infections, and better ear health. None of this has been confirmed to be correct.

Sound should be able to reach the ear canal of dogs with clipped ears without being blocked by the pinna, allowing them to be more vigilant of predators.

Floppy ears, on the other hand, do not block Pitbulls‘ ear canals, and there is no indication that dogs with cropped ears can hear better than dogs with uncropped ears.

Pros and Cons of Ear Cropping

It’s a personal decision whether or not to crop your dog’s ears. Ear cropping dogs near me While we don’t recommend ear cropping, there are benefits and drawbacks to the surgery that should be considered before making a decision.


  • With or without trimmed ears, pitbulls look great. Their natural ears are adorable and trimmed ears are a good fit for their head shapes.
  • Cropped ears are normally preferred by dog show judges if you wish to show your dog.
  • Ear cropping is said to be beneficial to a dog’s health.


  • It’s excruciating.
  • The dogs must not only recover from a surgical treatment, but they must also bear the discomfort of having their ears taped for several weeks following. This can lead the dog to become stressed and alter their personality. Your cheerful, carefree dog may turn melancholy and despondent.
  • There is no conclusive scientific evidence that ear clipping is good to dogs.
  • Cropped ears typically indicate that the dog is aggressive and mean to others. While this may be enjoyable for some dog owners, it could be dangerous for your dog if they are perceived as vicious. If your dog gets loose and walks down the street, people may be afraid that it will attack them, so they will attack your dog first to defend themselves. People do not require justifications to believe that your dog may harm them. Because of an altered aggressive appearance, your sweet dog could be harmed or worse.
  • It can be quite costly.

Because puppies are put under anesthesia for the treatment, they may have adverse responses and become ill, or they may not wake up at all. Anesthesia causes adverse effects in about one out of every 100,000 animals. Putting your dog under anesthesia for a cosmetic surgery is putting them at risk.


You must make the decision to crop your dog’s ears, but you should wait until you have all the data. Know the benefits and drawbacks of the surgery, and ask your veterinarian if you have any questions. Consider the reasons you want to crop their ears against the benefits and drawbacks to evaluate if you’re still on the correct track. We don’t encourage ear clipping because we prefer natural dog ears. Understanding why it’s done and what’s involved in the procedure, on the other hand, might help you make the best selection for your dog.

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