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Husky chihuahua mix is a popular dog crossbreed also known as Huskita (this is the one that the American Canine Hybrid Club – ACHC – uses), Chi-sky, ChuskyHuskyhuahua, Hushuahua and Siberian Chihuahua. If you love the Husky Chihuahua mix, then you will find this article to be a useful source of information. This article will help you understand some of the important things about this dog breed including its size, height and weight.

Husky Chihuahua Mix in Brief

Breed type: Mix

Weight: 5 – 20 lbs

Height: 10 – 16 inches

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Color: Black, tan, white, brown

Best suited for: Families with older children and singles or couples


The Husky Chihuahua mix can be a confusing dog. You might think that the word “mix” in the name means that the dog is half Husky, and half Chihuahua. Well, it’s not quite that simple.

The truth is, there are two types of dog mixes. One of them is a purebred parent (the Husky), and another purebred parent (the Chihuahua). The other type of mix is a mixture between two mutts with no purebred ancestors.

Both types are called hybrids, but only one is called a designer breed. To differentiate between them, we call the first type an F1 hybrid, which stands for “first filial.” The second type is called an F2 hybrid or F3 hybrid, depending on how many generations removed from being purebreds they are.


This mix shows off both parents very well, with traits from each parent present in the offspring, which makes for one good looking dog. The coat of the Husky Chihuahua mix is short and smooth, which is dark brown in color, with black patches on it. 

The Chihuahua colors are usually black and white or brown and white, just like the husky parent, but some will have tan markings that are seen in Chihuahuas as well. The coat is long and wavy in texture, but it is also very dense and fine-grained. It has a shiny appearance that makes it look like silk when it gets wet. 

The eyes are usually brown but can also be blue like the husky parent. The ears may stand erect or flop over like those of a Chihuahua, depending on which parent’s genes are expressed more strongly in the pup, although when they are puppies, their ears tend to stand erect as they grow into adulthood.

The body is thin and long, with the chest being flat and wide. The legs are straight and strong, but not too long for the body size. The tail is thick and strong, but not too long for the body size.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Size, Height and Weight

The Husky Chihuahua mix is a small dog with the most adorable, teddy-bear-like appearance. The most notable aspect of the Chihuahua/Husky mix is that it tends to be smaller than either of its parents. The average size of a full grown Hushuahua is about 12 to 18 pounds for males and 8 to 16 pounds for females. Their height will range from 8 to 15 inches tall. Not much variation occurs in size among individual puppies within each litter.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Life Expectancy

The lifespan of a Husky Chihuahua mix will vary according to the breed of its parents. A Husky can live for 13 to 15 years, while a Chihuahua can live for 14 to 20 years.

A Husky Chihuahua mix will have a lifespan ranging from 12 to 20 years. This depends on whether it takes after its Siberian Husky parent or its Chihuahua parent.

If your dog takes after its Siberian Husky parent, it will have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. If it takes after its Chihuahua parent, it will have a longer lifespan of 14 to 20 years.

husky Chihuahua mix
Husky Chihuahua Mix


The Husky Chihuahua Mix is an adorable dog that is full of curiosity and adventure. This little pup isn’t afraid to make friends with just about anyone, and he will definitely be the star of your life.

The Chihuahua comes from a long line of dogs that were bred for hunting, but this dog is much more suited for being a lapdog. The Shiba Inu, which is another purebred dog, has been bred with the Chihuahua to create a breed that is affectionate and intelligent. A lot of people have become very interested in this breed because they are so loyal and faithful.

How to Train Husky Chihuahua Mix 

The Husky Chihuahua mix is an incredibly intelligent dog that learns new tricks quickly. They are easily trainable and can be taught basic commands such as sit, come, stay, down, off, leave it, heel and go to place. They can also learn to perform more complicated tricks such as rolling over and playing dead.

There are several things to remember when training the husky chihuahua mix. First, you’ll want to make sure he knows who’s boss. The chihuahua portion of his personality will likely make him think he is king of the roost, and you don’t want this to become a problem.

"You also will have to train them early in life. If they see themselves as the master, they may become difficult to train later on in life. You can start by training them with short commands such as sit and lay down, and then move on from there".

Socialization and Positive Reinforcement

Training sessions should be short (around 10 minutes) but frequent. The Husky responds best to positive reinforcement such as verbal praise or treats when they do something right. The key to successful training is consistency – once you have taught your dog a command, stick to it. The rules should apply all the time regardless of whether or not you feel like being consistent that day!

Diet Requirements for a Husky Chihuahua Mix

As a Husky Chihuahua mix is considered a large dog, it will require around 2-3 cups of food per day. It is recommended to split this into two meals. The exact amount will depend on the size and activity level of your dog. If you are unsure of how much food your dog should be eating, consult with your vet.

As this is a hybrid breed, there is no official “Husky Chihuahua” diet. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure your pooch gets all the nutrients they need:

  • Choose a high-quality brand of kibble that doesn’t contain unnecessary fillers.
  • Choose between dry or wet kibble (or both).
  • Avoid changing their diet too often when possible.

Husky Chihuahua Mix Grooming and Care

This is a very important aspect of caring for your pets. A Husky will not only need to be combed and brushed, but also to have their teeth brushed and ears cleaned. The cleaning of the ears is especially important because it helps prevent ear infections. When you go to buy a new pet, you should always ask how frequently they are going to require bathing and grooming.

Toy-size, cute and having an alert look, the Husky is a perfect pet dog that is small and easy to care for. It is one of the most popular designer dogs that are known for their love for attention, but not so good with children.

Health Concerns

Huskies are generally a healthy breed of dog. However, because of the variations in breeding that can occur when crossing the two breeds, there are certain health conditions that may be more common in this particular mix. Here are some of the most common health conditions to keep an eye out for:

Eye Problems

Eye problems are somewhat common in Huskies and Chihuahuas. Cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are just a few of the conditions that often affect both breeds. Due to the shared predisposition to eye problems, it is important to note that your Chi-Husky could be at risk for any of these conditions.

Husky Chihuahua Mix


Although it is not directly related to their health, obesity is a very serious condition for dogs. It can lead to serious diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Unfortunately, Huskies have a predisposition for weight gain due to their metabolism and tendency to overeat. You will want to be careful with your dog’s diet so that you can reduce (or eliminate) the chance of obesity.

Another common ailment that the husky chihuahua suffers from is hip dysplasia. This occurs when the ball and socket joint on a dog’s hip does not fit together correctly, which causes painful inflammation and decreased mobility. Although this is a genetic condition, it can be exacerbated by obesity, so make sure your little pup is getting enough exercise!


The first thing that you should know about your Chihuahua Husky Mix is that it can be a bit stubborn at times. This means that you have to be patient with it. Also, you have to understand that your Chihuahua Husky Mix can be very playful so you have to make sure that you are able to deal with its energy level.

However, there are some people who think that the best owner for their Chihuahua Husky is someone who has the same characteristics as their dog. If this is true for you then I suggest that you get a new dog instead of getting a Chihuahua Husky because they are not good companions for other dogs.


Do the Husky Chihuahua mix drink a lot of water?

As a general rule, yes, Huskies drink a lot of water. They are an active breed and need plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. They can also be prone to health problems such as diabetes, which can make them thirsty.

Do Husky Chihuahua Mix prefer hot or cold weather?

Small dogs don’t tolerate the cold as well as large dogs do, so a Chihuahua that has a wiry coat like a Husky may be more likely to enjoy colder climates.

How to treat a Husky Chihuahua Mix?

There is no doubt that the Chihuahua Husky Mix is a very cute, friendly and loving dog. However, I also have to say that this dog has its own way of living. This means that you should know how to take care of your Chihuahua Husky Mix.

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