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calico princess chicken

Calico princess chicken? Are there any chicken breeds that are quiet?This is a common question among people who want to keep hens yet live in the suburbs or cities. The desire for peaceful chicken breeds has surged as most of these locations now allow chicken keeping.

There are no entirely silent chicken breeds, although there are those that are less picky. These calmer breeds are ideal for your backyard and will cause you and your neighbors less disruption.

However, this only applies to hens, cockerels, regardless of breed, will always crow.

Because they seek to attract attention after laying eggs, egg-laying species are usually loud. You can pick from a variety of peaceful chickens.

The 10 Quietest Breeds of Chicken

Chicken Cornish Cross

Cornish Crosses are primarily a meat bird that starts crowing when it’s time to be slaughtered. This time frame is usually between 8 and 9 weeks.

This hybrid chicken is a huge and ungainly cross between a Cornish chicken and a white rock chicken. They are a calm bird that spends most of its time sitting and does not flee rapidly from predators when attacked.

Cornish Cross meat birds prefer to eat the food offered by sitting in front of their feeders. As a result, extra precautions must be taken to keep them safe from harm. However, because of their calm character, they are ideal for your homestead.

Chicken Buff Orpington

Other breeds are more settled and docile than the popular Buff Orpington variants. They are also quite friendly, extremely docile, and require very little attention. It squats down, ready to be picked up by its human caretaker, as you can see if you look closely.

A Buff Orpington matures at 6 months and can lay 250 eggs per year on average. This type might be white or yellowish in color. This is the ideal kind to choose if you want an all-purpose bird.

Chicken Wyandotte

One of the most popular chicken breeds is the Wyandotte. This heritage breed was the first dual-purpose breed in the United States. The chickens are 6-7 pounds each, and the rooster is 8-9 pounds. This chicken comes in a variety of hues and patterns, ranging from golden to blue to silver.

The Wyandotte, despite its dominance, is a reasonably peaceful and placid bird. It lays four eggs per week as an egg-laying bird.

This breed is calm and non-aggressive, making it ideal for a suburban home and backyard.

Because these kinds are rare, they command a high price from breeders. As a result, you can even breed some to sell to your neighbors.

Australorp Chicken (Black Australorp)

This is a heritage breed that can be kept as a dual-purpose bird. This breed, which descends from the same genetic line as the Buff Orpington, is worth considering.

This chicken, unlike most dual-purpose birds, closes its beaks more frequently, making it quieter.

In comparison to Cornish Crosses, they are excellent egg layers and have a substantially larger carcass. They do, however, take a long time to be slaughtered, maybe 6 months or more.

Bantam Chickens are small chickens.

Bantams are a breed of chicken that lays eggs. They’re small and usually available in a variety of dark colors. This breed has the added benefit of acting as a surrogate mother hen for other types, such as the calico princess chicken.

Because of these advantages, as well as the fact that it is a quiet bird, it is an excellent choice for a backyard bird. Smaller Bantam breeds include Nankin, Rosecomb, and Sebright.

Cochin Chicken

Cochin birds are gentle and make excellent backyard companions. They have fewer colors than other types, yet they are affectionate and appropriate as pets.

They are classified very low and are unreliable when it comes to laying eggs. Calico princess chicken compensate for this, however, by serving as superb surrogate mothers for other chicks. They get along with a variety of chicken species due to their gentle disposition.

Red Chicken from Rhode Island

The quietest bird that lays the most eggs is this kind. The Rhode Island Red is a favorite among most chicken keepers, laying an average of 250 eggs per year.

While the bird is generally silent, it is not thought to be particularly affectionate. They are also easy to teach and can be aggressive; therefore, think over all of these qualities before committing to this breed.

Chickens of the Plymouth Rock breed

This is the best option if you reside in a community with a modest or medium amount of land. Despite its calm nature, Plymouth Rock is known for being nice with its keepers. This breed is well-suited to ice places or long periods of exposure to the winter season in terms of climatic parameters.


The Brahma breed is an egg-laying breed that also happens to be one of the greatest sitters. They are known as the “King of Poultry” because of their consistent egg-laying ability. They are known for their large size, which can be a disadvantage because they crush their chicks.

As a historical breed, this chicken can weigh anywhere from 10 to 14 pounds. Calico princess chicken can also easily adjust to cold climates and the winter season.


The Ameraucana is a one-of-a-kind bird known for its appealing traits. Blue-colored medium-sized eggs are laid by this breed. The bird can reach a weight of roughly 7 pounds as it matures.

Unless they are startled, these birds are usually very docile and calm. The Ameraucana is a calm chicken breed that can easily be kept in your home.


It’s fantastic to raise peaceful chicken breeds. If you need to maintain chickens in your backyard, the breeds listed above are excellent choices. Ensure that they have a pleasant atmosphere because this plays a significant role in keeping your hens calm.

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